About our campaign

"I choose Polish eco"

  • What is the campaign "I choose Polish eco" and why is it worth educating and talking more about a balanced diet based on high-quality domestic products?
  • How can each of us support Polish organic farming on a daily basis?
  • How to consciously choose food products from domestic organic farming?

We encourage you to get familiar with the mission of the "I choose Polish eco" project implemented by the Polish Ecology Association.

Campaign mission

More and more of us, Polish consumers, are trying to consciously buy and eat high-quality organic products. On the one hand, this is due to our constantly increasing knowledge about the role a varied and well-balanced diet plays for our health.

On the other hand, more and more people care about the welfare of our planet by directing their food choices towards the organic farming sector. However, we do not always know how to recognize such items during everyday grocery shopping. In addition, we often overlook the origin of a given product, forgetting about the natural resources that Poland abounds in.

And we have something to boast about: the number of organic farms in our country is at the top of the European ranking, and numerous groups of goods, such as fruits and vegetables, pork and beef or cereals, are imported by other countries due to their high quality.

Following the above needs of consumers and willingness to support Polish organic farming, together with the entire team of the Polish Ecology Association we are starting a nationwide campaign entitled "I choose Polish eco", during which we intend to:

make people realize how important for our health is a balanced diet based on local products from domestic organic farming

increase your knowledge about the richness and availability of Polish organic products, as well as refute some food myths rooted in Polish culinary culture - we will focus mainly on native cereals, beef and pork as well as fruit and vegetables

help you develop proper eating habits and balance your diet properly

Last year's edition

"I choose Polish eco" for the second time!

Perhaps some of you remember last year's edition of our campaign. As part of the first round of the project, we managed to reach a considerable group of citizens by participating in numerous organic food fairs throughout Poland and organizing culinary workshops for children. Especially for you, we have prepared a short photo report of our previous activities.

Planned events

This year we are not idle: we will be present not only at the largest ecological fairs in Poland, but also during the next cycle of culinary and educational workshops organized in Polish schools. We are also going to reach young people, because proper eating habits are formed from an early age.

We also plan workshops for students of gastronomy schools - we want them to have practical knowledge on how to properly prepare dishes using high-quality organic products. What is more, we invited bloggers and youtubers to cooperate - they are also ready to say "I choose Polish eco!".