24 - 11 - 2019

What are organic products and how to recognize them?

An organic product… what does it mean?

What is your first connotation when you think of an organic product? "Environmentally friendly"? "Natural"? "Green"? Perhaps some of you will also think "more expensive" or "hard to get". Regardless of individual beliefs, research shows that more and more Polish consumers buy green products, and the awareness of caring for both ourselves and our planet is constantly increasing. Building your daily diet on high-quality organic ingredients is indeed one of the best methods of caring for health and staying in harmony with nature.

Organic goods are produced from the very beginning without the use of artificial additives, chemical enhancers or genetic modifications. Their production takes place in harmony with the environment, maximizing the possibilities that nature gives us - we are talking, among other things, about the use of renewable energy sources or natural feed for farm animals. All raw materials used for the production of certified organic products are of the highest quality, which significantly improves the health and taste qualities of dishes prepared from them. What's more, the activity of eco-farms is strictly controlled in terms of environmental pollution, limiting it almost completely.

Green products can also be safely chosen by animal rights allies. Organic breeding ensures the best conditions for herds, from natural feed and unrestricted access to fresh air, to humane farming and slaughtering methods. Needless to say, farming conditions significantly affect the high quality and nutritional value of organic animal products.

The availability of organic products is increasing day by day. We will find them not only in almost every supermarket, but also in more and more smaller neighborhood stores. Organic stores are being opened day by day, and the number of their customers is still increasing. We can also buy organic goods straight at the source, i.e. by visiting ecological farms. It is also a great opportunity to learn about the principles of organic farming straight from the source.

How to recognize a green product?

However, the term "green product" is overused. It is worth mentioning that in order to  obtain this status, it requires producers to strictly control production and comply with international standards introduced by the European Union in order to regulate organic farming. The organic production sector is regulated by the law. Therefore, to be sure that the product we choose can indeed be called organic, let's look for a green leaf symbol on its packaging - also known as the Euro Leaf.

Its official version always consists of three elements: the logo, the number of the certification body and the place of production of raw materials. Euro Leaf can be found only on those articles that meet official standards and have an EU organic farming certificate. The manufacturer has the right to mark his goods in this way only if he passes quality control at least once a year. It states that the products of the company are produced in an ecological way - according to environmental standards, and they do not contain artificial residues or GMOs.

In addition to the certification body number, the logo also has information about the product's origin. By choosing a product with the PL marking, you can be sure that you are buying the highest quality products and supporting national organic farming. There is a reason why our campaign is called "I choose Polish eco". This sector of the Polish economy is growing dynamically, every day delivering fresh, high-quality goods from all basic food groups - cereals, beef and pork, fruit and vegetables. The Polish harvest, which is taken care of by ecological farms, allows you to compose a daily, balanced diet only from domestic, organic products. And who will not agree with the statement that the most delicious apples can be found in Poland, and that we have the most delicious bread in the world? 

We hope that you already know how important it is to introduce domestic organic products to your daily diet and how to recognize them while doing your grocery shopping. High quality, richness of nutrients, taste, and all of this in harmony with nature. It's best to take care of our planet taking small steps - next time when shopping, try to fill your cart with products made in Poland marked with a green logo!