24 - 11 - 2019

How to choose green - Eco products

What is Euroleaf?

Do you know this green logo with the leaf appearing on the packaging of some food products? Or maybe some of them are already stocked in your kitchen? If so, congratulations - you have fortified your provisions with certified organic products! The logo with which their labels are marked is called the “Euroleaf”. This is the official logo of the European Union Organic Farming and proves that the product meets international standards regulating the organic farming sector. In other words, it does not contain residues of chemical fertilizers or GMOs (genetically modified organisms). What is more, it has been produced according to environmentally friendly standards (including the fact that its cultivation does not pollute the environment).

It is worth knowing that buying ecologically certified products is one of the easier ways to take care of both our health and the welfare of our planet.

What can we find on the official logo of the organic product?

When choosing organic products, we should pay attention to their correct labeling. The very term "eco" does not mean that the article has been produced according to ecological standards. The official confirmation is the original EU logo, which consists of three important elements:

  • green and white Euroleaf mark,
  • certification body number (e.g. PL-EKO-07),
  • product origin information.

According to the regulations, the Euroleaf mark must be legible and indelible, placed on the packaging in a visible place. We particularly encourage you to pay attention to the last part of information, i.e. the origin of the product. By choosing articles with the abbreviation PL, you can be sure that you are buying Polish products of the highest quality and you support domestic organic farming.

Who can label their products with the Euroleaf logo?

Did you know that organic farms putting the green EU Organic Farming logo on their products are thoroughly inspected at least once a year? The rules for granting a certificate by the European Commission are covered by a detailed regulation, which prohibits, among others, the use of artificial substances that protect crops, chemical fertilizers or GMOs. That is why by choosing green leaf products in stores, you can be sure that their production is in harmony with nature. In addition to giving up chemical agents and GMOs, producers of organic products also pay special attention to such aspects as:

  • supporting biological diversity,
  • using renewable energy sources and cultivation processes compatible with nature,
  • decent breeding conditions, natural diet and animal welfare,
  • minimization of environmental pollution.

This ensures the highest quality of organic farming products.

Where can we find organic products?

The availability of certified organic products is increasing very dynamically throughout Poland. After reading our article, however, you can guess that not everything that looks like organic food at first glance, it really is. As an example, it is worth mentioning products sold at small markets - although they cannot be denied their freshness and taste, we have no guarantee that they come from organic farms. In that case, where to do ecological grocery shopping? Food labeled with Euroleaf can be found in many larger stores, especially those with healthy food - both stationary and online. We can also buy  green products when visiting organic farms.

Unfortunately, for many people, the higher price of organic goods is still an obstacle. However, it is worth being aware that by choosing Polish organic products, we support this sector of the national economy, which will also have an effect when it comes to reducing the prices of these goods.

It is best to take care of the ecology by taking small steps - next time when shopping, try to fill your cart with products marked with the green Euroleaf logo!