24 - 11 - 2019

Conscious shopping - "Polish product" logo

Research conducted among Polish consumers shows unequivocally: seven out of ten Poles are more likely to buy a product from domestic resources than imported ones. For a large part of the society, buying Polish articles is the easiest and willingly chosen way to manifest their patriotism. It does not take long to be persuaded to choose domestic products - Polish foods are appreciated because of their high quality, taste and health properties, as well as the relatively low price compared to imported equivalents. What's more, they are widely available, we can find them in most major and smaller stores throughout the country.

To meet the needs of Polish consumers, in September this year the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development launched the second edition of the campaign "Polish product", inviting an even larger group of domestic producers to get involved. When shopping for groceries, did you notice the characteristic white and red logo on the products? This is the fruit of the above-mentioned campaign. The sign "Polish product" is found only on articles with min. 75% of the composition coming from Polish raw materials - in this way we can easily recognize products of native origin in the store.

It is worth emphasizing that labeling your goods with the "Polish Product" logo is entirely up to the manufacturer - it is voluntary. Cooperation in this field between producers marking domestic goods and consumers choosing them in stores makes a strong core thanks to which we can support the Polish economy on a daily basis.

The rules for marking native processed products are simple - the white and red logo can only be found on articles with min. 75% of raw materials that were produced in our country. Acceptable 25% of imported ingredients is reserved e.g. for dried fruits and nuts, the production of which is not possible in Poland.

How is the labeling of unprocessed goods such as meat, fish, fruit or vegetables regulated? The manufacturer may place the "Polish product" logo on them only if such stages of production as cultivation, breeding, harvesting, milking, raising and slaughtering of animals take place in Poland.

Today, we encourage you to read the official infographic of the "Polish product" campaign and the materials posted on the project website: www.polskasmakuje.pl - you will find there, among others, a list of products marked with the white and red certificate. Be sure to look out for them on the shelves while shopping for groceries!